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Following is a description of your anesthesia care as it will be provided at The Berkshire Eye Surgery Center.

Prior to having surgery, you will receive an anesthesia questionnaire at your surgeon's office.  You will also receive instructions regarding eating, drinking, and which medications to take the day of surgery.

Your medical history will be reviewed by one of our anesthesiologists the day prior to your surgery.

On the day of surgery, you will come to the Surgery Center and be escorted to a pre-operative area where you will have an IV started by one of the nursing staff. The IV allows us to administer medications during your operation.

While in this pre-operative area, you will meet your anesthesiologist. Please be sure to tell him or her any specific concerns you have about your surgical experience. It is especially important to let us know about any problems you have with anxiety, claustrophobia or back pain. This will allow your anesthesiologist to tailor your anesthetic to your specific needs.

During your surgery, you will receive a type of anesthesia called MAC, or monitored anesthesia care.  The surgeon will also use local anesthesia to make your eye numb.

After your operation, you will spend a short time in the recovery area. Once you are fully awake, you will be able to return home.

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